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Based in the very heart of Brisbane, Australia. Labour Support Group specialises in professional business and migration reports.

Our professional work expands across various industries and business fields throughout Australia. We have extensive experience dealing with businesses ranging from sole proprietors to mid-sized companies. Established in 2015, we have solidifiedourselvesas a dependable and expert partner to the migration and business process industry in Australia.

Our team has combined experience of over 15 years in the Australian migration industry. We are additionally proficient in Chinese, Spanish, Cantonese, Tamil and Hindi.

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We do our best.

Solution oriented

We create solutions to resolve case issues


We are the leaders of high quality reports


We offer the most competitive prices


We complete reports on time before deadlines

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Hear what they say about us.

I remember Jensen working with me till 1.00am one night when we were closing on the deadline set by the DIBP. Yet LSG prepared a dossier of materials, documents & submissions extending to quite a few DOZENS of pages and files.
They were formatted & prepared very professionally, thoroughly and with a lot of meticulous planning. In short it was brilliant… and we achieved absolute success with the Department not asking for any further material; culminating with an Approval of the Nomination.
Thank you so much Jensen & Cheryln for your invaluable support, assistance & hard work, as I could not have delivered this outcome without your very able and conscientious assistance.
You guys are the BEST.

Lalin De Silva, Migration Agent, MARN: 0959780

I was recommended by my friend who got their GTI statements done through labour support. My case was slightly longer because I was waiting for my nominator approval from ACS, I had many revision done as I am very picky. There were no complaints and turnaround time was v fast, and I am very pleased with the approval outcome for my case too. I have referred my friends from India to them.

Senthil Kumar Shanmugam, GTI DigiTech Applicant

I have been using Labour Support’s service for several years now. I am very impressed by their professionalism, fast turnaround time and the quality of their reports. They are always available to answer questions and communicate very well for the clients’ LMT needs. I highly recommend their service.

Paul Xue, Partner at JurisBridgeLega,lMARN: 1171231