188 business visa

The Australian Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa Subclass 188 is a temporary stay visa issued for up to four years and three months from the date of the grant. There are five (streams) within the visa as follows:

  • Business innovation stream
  • Investor stream
  • Significant investor stream
  • Premium investor stream
  • Entrepreneur stream

We specialise in the 188A and 188E business visa stream business plan writing.

132 business visa

The Business Talent Subclass 132 is a permanent Business Visa for applicants to establish a new business or develop an existing business in Australia, under two separate streams.  This Business Talent visa requires that the applicant be sponsored by an Australian state or Territory government and receive a written invitation to submit the Visa.

Applicants must demonstrate that they genuinely have a realistic commitment to establish an eligible business or participate in an existing eligible business in Australia.

They must also:

  • Have a realistic commitment to maintain a substantial ownership interest in the business;
  • Maintain substantial ownership, and maintain direct and continuous involvement in its day-to-day management;
  • Influence its overall direction and performance in a way that benefits the Australian community; and
  • Not have a history of involvement in business activities that are of a nature that is not generally acceptable in Australia

There are two separate streams of the Business Talent visa:

  • Significant business history stream
  • Venture capital entrepreneur stream

The business visas (188 & 132) process is split across two steps, namely the state nomination stage and the actual visa application stage.

The business plan is an important part of the state nomination phase as it is specifically focused on the business concept instead of the business visa applicant. Each state in Australia has its own set of unique requirements and desired type of business visa applicants.

Therefore, it is highly crucial that the business plan address the state requirements as well as elaborate on the background of the applicant and their overseas business in a positive outlook. The respective state will weigh the suitability of the proposed business to their state economic goals, as well as scrutinise the potential economic benefits it brings.

We have a dedicated team of business plan writers with relevant and updated knowledge to write a successful business plan. Our bespoke business plans come complete with 5-year financial forecasts and comprehensive industry research. It also entails detailed research and analysis to showcase the how the business applicant is able to contribute to the state’s economy in an evident manner.

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